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22 Sep 2015

The Girl with the Gold Tattoos – Skin and Gold series by Cyril Lagel

Paris, France

In China the golden week is coming up, so this is a good time to share with you this series by French photographer Cyril Lagel. In a celebration of woman’s beauty, he returns to the essence and adorns perfect skin with nothing but gold-textured shapes. Do have a look at the full series below. ~ Cyril Lagel is located in Paris and Bangkok, and is represented by us via our local offices in South-East Asia.

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cyril_lagel_tatoo-0001 cyril_lagel_tatoo-0002 cyril_lagel_tatoo-0003 cyril_lagel_tatoo-0004 cyril_lagel_tatoo-0005 cyril_lagel_tatoo-0006