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17 Sep 2015

Alienspotting with Henri Bassil in Indonesia


In a series of TV commercials for Pocari Sweat in Indonesia, our team in Jakarta captured the arrival – yes, by flying saucer! – of an extraterrestrial family on a mission to observe the human species. Tagging along on their intergalactic travel is their pet goat, who constantly has to remind them NOT to use ‘the force’ that they naturally possess. Instead they have to learn how to get through the day like humans do, without running out of ions. How the earthlings nextdoor manage it, they find out soon enough… Henri Bassil directed the clip that features local celebrities Haruka Nakagawa – singer in Indonesian idol group JKT48 – as the daughter, and artiste Susan playing the mother. The goat prop was made in the Czech Republic and animated by puppeteers Peter & Ryan. ~ French director Henri Bassil is represented by us via our local offices in South-East Asia, with exclusivity for Indonesia.

┬áThe Aliens – Watch the playlist on YouTube


Client : PT Amerta Indah Otsuka
Agency : Handoko
Executive Creative Director : Toshiaki Gommi
Production House : Shooting Gallery Indonesia
Executive Producer : Nadya Donna
Producer : Bob Sardjono
Director : Henri Bassil
DOP : Thomas Stokowski
Puppeteers : Peter & Ryan
Production Assistants : Syarif & Ecta
Post Production Video : VHQ
Post Production Audio : Eggpro

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