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05 Aug 2015

Sebastian Siah shoots for Galaxy Entertainment in Macau


Photographer Seb Siah had a taste of the good life while on assignment in Galaxy Macau, one of the island’s world-class casino hotels. Being picked for his quality lifestyle work, his job was to have a thorough look through the lens and catch all corners of the establishment from its best angle. The series of pictures will be used for Galaxy’s general marketing on various channels and we have compiled a selection below :

GM_JM Lounge Bar_Final Galaxy Macau_UA Cinema_Couples_03 GM_Porte Cochere_7242_Main_04 Galaxy Macau_WP_Selfie_313_04 Galaxy Macau_WP_Friends_218_Main_v2_04 1Galaxy Macau_WP_Piggyback_380_Background_v2_04