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17 Apr 2015

Remembering Singapore’s Founding Father : Mr. Lee Kuan Yew


As a tribute to our founding father and in celebration of how far our nation has come, we share this series of images of a 3D printed caricature of Mr. Lee, captured at places of historical significance. The pictures were taken at various locations in Singapore, from Cavenagh Bridge, where Mr. Lee made his momentous 1980 election rally speech, to the Victoria Concert Hall, venue of the founding of the People’s Action Party.

Special thanks go to James Leong, for the original drawing on which the caricature is based, Leon Teoh for the 3D sculpture, and Invy Ng for the photography.

1. LKY_Dakota_Crescent 2. LKY_Cavenagh_Bridge 4. LKY_City_Hall 3. LKY_Victoria_Concert_Hall