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18 Mar 2014

Latest 3D work by Wishing Well Shanghai

Singapore, Singapore

To kickstart the Year of the Horse, Su Ning in China recently commissioned O&M and Wishing Well in Shanghai to create the 3D visuals below. Also worth taking a look at are the crafted text messages for Guan Yi Ru – a premium yogurt brand in China –  in which Panda, Nose, Juice and Jacket tell us about the benefits of eating yogurt to boost immunity …

Suning KV 1

Suning KV 2
Client : Su Ning
Agency : O&M Shanghai
Creative & Art Director : ZhouJun
CGI : Wishing Well Shanghai
Producer : Fion Fu
CGI Director : Wei Xin
CGI Artists : Tan Zhiyuan, Zhang Xuming
Retoucher : Li Dandan

Guanyiru KV1

打印 Guanyiru KV3

Guanyiru KV4
Client : Guan Yi Ru
Agency : Grey Beijing
Producer : Li Ying
Creative Director : Zeng Weizhong
Art Director : Zhang Guo Long
Production House : Shooting Gallery Shanghai
Print Producer : Nicole Hu
CGI : Wishing Well Shanghai
Post Producer : Fion Fu
Photographer : Chang Sze Ling
CGI Director : Wei Xin
CGI Artists : Wang Ao, Zhang Xuming