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11 Nov 2013

SG Indonesia produces Pocari Sweat TVC for Lebaran

Singapore, Singapore

The 90’s movie Notting Hill had a famous scene where starring actor Hugh Grant made a walk that spanned four seasons. In this TVC for Pocari, one such continuous shot summarizes a day in the life of an Indonesian┬ámum enduring the tropical climate and the ultimate fasting towards the celebration of Lebaran. It efficiently underlines the need to maintain essential body fluids throughout a hot and exhausting day, thus making the point for Pocari Sweat, the promoted product. Behind the scenes of this commercial there was a similar story: merciless deadlines in challenging weather proved to be exhausting but rewarding in the end. Using an Alexa camera with motion control grip, our team managed to capture the key shots on the integrated outdoor set that was built from scratch and contained a house, a garden, a store and 5 interiors. Despite the challenges, all was done in two days, including the set build. Did we mention that energy drinks were a crucial element for this shoot…?


Client: Pocari
Agency: Dentsu Indonesia
Creative Director: Toshiaki Gomi
Director: Rukiki
Executive Producer: Nadya Widhiastuti
Producer: Doddy Husna
DOP: Haruld Goh
Art Director / Production Designer: Dennis

    Behind-the-scenes pictures of the shoot: