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27 Jun 2011

Asia’s Hot Seat by JWT CHINA

Singapore, Singapore

China, once remarked by Napoleon as the sleeping giant, has now awakened, dashing into the 21st century in full speed as the new economic super power house of the world. This has no doubt created a huge potential in the advertising market that is beyond the imagination of many.

Shooting Gallery Asia has taken this opportunity to create a little campaign, Asia’s Hot Seat by inviting some of the most highly respected Creatives of the Asia Region advertising industry to share with us their thoughts on what will China’s advertising be like in 2015. This campaign is to be in-conjunction with the highly anticipated opening of Shooting Gallery Shanghai and Wishing Well Shanghai.

This piece of work provides a unique collaboration between Shooting Gallery Asia and JWT China. Mr Yang Yeo, CCO of JWT Shanghai was invited to create an ad that not only serves to provide his view on “What will China’s Advertising will be like in 2015?”, but at the same time, he is given a little challenge, which is to incorporate Shooting Gallery Asia’s specially designed chair, The Buddy Chair, into the ad.

Mr Yeo, a creative wizard as always, armed with his highly energized, witty creativity, came up with the idea of showcasing the unique local neighborhood of Shanghai. To spread his fun loving spirit, he invited together with him Mr Lo Sheung Yan (JWT China Chairman), Miss Polly Chu (JWT Beijing CCO) & Mr Murphy Chou (JWT Guangzhou JWT CCO) into the act, providing this highly entertaining visual of them, each cast in different characters, along the streets of Shanghai playing the popular chinese card game, Dou Di Zhu.

This is what Team JWT China have to say with “What will China’s Advertising be like in 2015?”

While the world is busy looking for business opportunities in China, we are more interested in the possibility of creating China-made ideas for the world.

We’ve learnt to respect the authorities and their rules. We’ve come to terms with the policies and their complexities. We’ve also learnt not to see them as obstacles, but to work within them. Identify real opportunities to create unique and breakthrough thinking that would make the world envious.

It’s just a matter of time before China joins the key players and inspire the world on the creative stage. And doing this by 2015 is looking more and more realistic.

The ad appears in issue 3/11 of Luerzer’s Archive.


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