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29 Apr 2011

Artison Asia x Club 21 – Tsumori Chisato 20th Anniversary event

Singapore, Singapore

In collaboration with CLUB 21 for the Tsumori Chisato 20th Anniversary event, Artison Asia unveiled it’s custom made tree sculpture on the 25th March 2011, which many would agree was one of the main topic of conversations on the day of the launch. With approximately a week and a half to prepare and construct the tree, plus 80 branches, we would be more than glad to say that the store dressings turned out to be more than satisfactory. Here’s what we did.

We first equipped ourselves with a skeleton of the tree, 8ft high and 4ft wide. And then, with a magical touch on the chicken wire, we sculptured the tree bark and enhanced its beauty with paper mache and cloth from the latest Tsumori Chisato collection, provided by CLUB 21. Our theme for the day was “Tropical Forest”. And with a twist from the Artison Asia team, here are the results.