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08 Apr 2011

Putting our brains together for “Brain”.  A Wishing Well 

Singapore, Singapore

Putting our brains together for “Brain”.  

A Wishing Well + Shooting Gallery + JWT Shanghai Project  

When “Brain”,  Japan’s  most-read art and  design magazine, assigned

JWT Shanghai to design the cover of May’s issue with the theme indigo,  we knew we had to do something more than to just to produce a pretty  picture.  

“How can we get readers to spend more time with Brain’s Indigo?”  asked Yang.  

“Can it entertain the reader” asked  Elvis.  

“Why  can’t a colour sing?” asked Salome Zhang.  

“Or Dance?” asked Zhang Chao.  

“How about all of the above?” added Terence.  

“Let’s  zap ‘em with electric current!” suggested Simon.  

“We’ll need a high-­‐tech experiment lab for that. I’ll  build  one.”  said Raymond.     

“You’re going to need a great photo on the cover to get readers interested. I’ll shoot    

it!”  said Szeling.  

That was how we came up with the idea of turning a magazine cover  into an  

experiment to pass 10,000 volts of electric current through the indigo colour.     

The cover of  the magazine was used as an invitation to an online experiment at,  where the reader can spend more time and have fun with Brain’s   indigo.  

For  the  execution,  Shooting Gallery rigged a rack of electric cables that resembled a giant music score.  We then collected 20 experiment specimens from JWT Shanghai, dressed them in a skin-­tight indigo bodysuit and stuck them onto the cables. Szeling and the Wishing Well crew spent the day capturing very possible angle and expression of the specimens so they’ll look funny and entertaining when we zap them in the online experiment.  

After the shoot, the retouchers worked through many nights perfecting the photos.  The website designers  and programmers lost a lot of hair  with rounds and rounds of tests and   reconstructions. The specimens strained their voices as they were made to sing, screech and scream at the studio.  The  account team and publishes were worried sick if we could meet the publication deadline.  

The  project was completed and delivered on time. The magazine was  published and is now available at all major bookstores in Japan.  The experiment is  live at  

It was a tough process, but it was based on mutual trust,  close collaboration, creativity and fun.  JWT  Shanghai would like to thank  the crew at Wishing Well and Shooting Gallery for their patience,  professionalism and time to make  electrifying a colour possible.  

Article written by Terence Leong,  Senior Creative Director of JWT Shanghai.  


Agency:  JWT  Shanghai  

Chief  Creative  Officer:  Yang Yeo 

Executive  Creative Director:  Elvis Chau 

Senior Creative Director:  Terence Leong  

Group Head:  Salome Zhang  

Senior Art Director:  Zhang  Chao   

Interactive  Designer:  Simon  Yu    

Programmer:  Eric  Yu  

Illustrators:  Duan  Duan,  Will  Zhu,  Xiao Bao,  William  Zhu,  Ruru Tang,  Sean Tang,  Kevin Huang  

Creative Services Director:  Liza Law   

Account Director:  Takashi  Aoki  

Traffic Manager:  Lulu  Zhang  

Sound  Designer:  Chris Zhou  

Production  House:  Shooting  Gallery Shanghai   

Executive  Producer: Raymond  Goh  

Photographer:  Szeling  Chang  

Photography Assistants:  Alan  Chow,  Rankin  Ran    

Studio Assistants:  Geoffery  Gu,  Ran  Rui  Hong  

Assistant Producers: Emily  Xie,  Nicole  Hu 

Production  Assistant:  Nino  Tang  

Retouching  Studio:  Wishing  Well  Shanghai   

Producer: Fion Fu  

Senior Digital Artist:  Tracy  Dong  

3D  Artist:  Nyx  Wei